The Bra-lee HomeWherever you are when your underwire breaks through, you'd better have a Bra-lee in your bag!


Having her axilla impaled by an errant underwire one too many times, Lesa resolved to find a solution to women’s woes and a way to stop even one more good bra from being thrown away before its time.

One afternoon, she melded minds with her mom, Fredericka Lee, and after several hours of snipping, gluing, and sewing, the Durable Flexible Self-Adhering Underwire Poke-Through Fix-It Kit went from concept to construct. Despite rave reviews about the performance of the DFSAUPTFIK, test audiences found the acronym about as pronounceable as an Icelandic volcano.

Could it be The Bratch (bra patch)? No.
Let’s call it The Brix (bra fix)! Definitely not.
Underwire Wrangler? That's just so many shades of wrong.

In an epiphanic moment, Fredericka LEE and LEsa realized they shared two important elements: both have enchanting smiles, and the syllable "Lee" in their names.

And so it happens that we are now churning out Bra-lees in our sweatshop-free Los Angeles-based headquarters, and we guarantee that no animals are hurt during the making of your Bra-lee... except the dog, who sometimes gets stepped on.

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