The Bra-lee HomeWherever you are when your underwire breaks through, you'd better have a Bra-lee in your bag!


The Bra-lee® comes in a variety of colors and can be purchased in two-packs of a single color ($4.99/ea + S&H) or five-packs ($9.99/ea + S&H) containing one of each color from the selected theme. For a smidge more, you can mix-and-match using the Bra-lee® Builder, or Contact Us to fully customize orders of 20 or more.

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Bra-lee® Basic™

Our classic neutral palette:
Bra-lee Basic 5-Pack Bra-lee Basic Black 2-packBasic Black Bra-lee Basic Nude 2-packBasic Nude Bra-lee Basic White 2-packBasic White Bra-lee Basic Brown 2-packBasic Brown Bra-lee Basic Red 2-packBasic Red

Bra-lee® Bare™

The bare essentials of the popular Bra-lee Basics   5-Pack Bare $9.99

Bra-lee Bravery 2-pack

5-Pack includes two black, two nude, and one white Bra-lee®

Bra-lee® Bright™

A neon rainbow:
Bra-lee Bright 5-pack Bra-lee Bright Green 2-packBright Green Bra-lee Bright Purple 2-packBright Purple Bra-lee Bright Pink 2-packBright Pink Bra-lee Bright Blue 2-packBright Blue Bra-lee Bright Yellow 2-packBright Yellow

Bra-lee® Brazen™

Animal print... mee-YOW!
Bra-lee Brazen 5-pack Bra-lee Brazen Giraffe 2-packBrazen Giraffe Bra-lee Brazen Zebra 2-packBrazen Zebra Bra-lee Brazen Leopard 2-packBrazen Leopard Bra-lee Brazen Tiger 2-packBrazen Tiger Bra-lee Brazen Snow Leopard 2-packBrazen Snow Leopard

Bra-lee® Bling™

Look - sparkles!
Bra-lee Bling 5-pack Bra-lee Bling Silver 2-packBling Silver Bra-lee Bling Lavender 2-packBling Lavender Bra-lee Bling Black 2-packBling Black Bra-lee Bling Pink 2-packBling Pink Bra-lee Bling Blue 2-packBling Blue

Bra-lee® Bold™

Luscious paisleys and patterns:
Bra-lee Bold 5-pack Bra-lee Bold Pink 2-packBold Pink (paisley) Bra-lee Bold Black 2-packBold Black (paisley) Bra-lee Bold Gold 2-packBold Gold (paisley) Bra-lee Bold Blue 2-packBold Blue (floral) Bra-lee Bold Red 2-packBold Red (dragon)

Bra-lee® Blush™

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness:  2-Pack Blush $4.99

Bra-lee Blush 2-pack

25% of proceeds from this theme are donated to charities that promote breast cancer screening, research for a cure, and research for the cause of breast cancer.

2-Pack includes one light + one dark blushing Bra-lee®

Bra-lee® Bravery™

Support your troops!   2-Pack Bravery $4.99

Bra-lee Bravery 2-pack

25% of proceeds from this theme are donated to charities for the benefit of veteran and active-duty armed servicemembers.

2-Pack includes one camouflage + one patriotic Bra-lee®

Bra-lee® Builder™

BIY: Bra-lee® It Yo'self

Enter two (2) colors for your custom-built Bra-lee® two-pack ($5.49): =OR=
Enter five (5) colors for your custom-built Bra-lee® five-pack ($10.99):


* Pattern, packaging, stitch design, and thread color may vary.

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Orders of 20 or more packs should Contact Us before ordering - especially if you want to customize your order!

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