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mammary stewardship

In the spirit of saving boobs everywhere from unnecessary suffering, Bra-lee and Leafe, LLC are supporters of many breast-friendly endeavors. Click the link to learn about the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research, and then sign up to become part of the Army of Women - an organization devoted not only to finding a cure for breast cancer, but to preventing it altogether. We also ♥ La Leche League, which empowers mothers to breastfeed and offers support and services to nursing moms; and Udder Covers for their wonderful breastfeeding accessories.

Susan G. Komen foundationArmy of WomenLa Leche League International

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Exclusive Bra-lee themes have been dedicated to the following causes:

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Find a cure, and find a cause!
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Veterans & Servicemembers

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