The Bra-lee HomeWherever you are when your underwire breaks through, you'd better have a Bra-lee in your bag!


what is the Bra-lee?

A must-have patch that resolves the everyday discomfort of an underwire that has penetrated the casing and is now poking women in the boobs!

what isn't the Bra-lee?

The Bra-lee is not a forever fix.

Depending on usage and care, a Bra-lee can significantly extend the life of your bra. With wear, though, even Bra-lee's durable core may fall victim to underwire escapism. The good news: with some effort (yeah, we're serious about this adhesive), the old Bra-lee can be removed and replaced with a new one*... you can drag out your bra's death spiral for as long as the straps hold up.

* When placing a Bra-lee, do not remove the patch (including to adjust the location) except to replace it with a new Bra-lee. It's a one-shot deal, because the adhesive may leave a residue and lose some of its stickum superpower.

how do I apply the Bra-lee?

For detailed instructions, and tips from the pros, visit our handy-dandy How-To.

how do I care for a Bra-leeified bra?

For best results, once a Bra-lee has been applied we recommend hand washing or using a mesh garment bag for machine washing in cold water on the delicate cycle, hanging it out to air dry, storing in a way that maintains cup shape, and following any other manufacturer instructions.

what Bra-lee colors are available?

Bra-lee® comes in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns to match your bra... or not! The following colors are available:

Bra-lee® Basic™

Bra-lee Basic

black, nude, white, brown, red

Bra-lee® Bright™

Bra-lee Bright

green, purple, hot pink, blue, yellow

Bra-lee® Brazen™

Bra-lee Brazen

giraffe, zebra, leopard, tiger, snow leopard

Bra-lee® Bling™

Bra-lee Bling

shimmery silver, sparkly lavender, glinting black, irridescent pink, incandescent blue

Bra-lee® Bold™

Bra-lee Bold

pink paisley, black paisley, gold paisley, sky blue floral, red dragon

limited time

Bra-lee® Bravery™

Bra-lee Bravery

Support your troops!

Bra-lee® Blush™

Bra-lee Blush

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

coming soon...

Bra-lee® Brilliant™

Sparkling metallics

Bra-lee® Beautiful™

Lovely lace

Bra-lee® Baby™

Softest fleece in tender pastels

Bra-lee® Bikini™

For your underwater underwire emergencies


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Bra-lee order info

Visit our Catalog page and click the Add to Cart button next to your Bra-lee selections. You will be taken to the PayPal shopping cart, where you may update the quantity of items in your order, or payment gateway to complete the transaction.

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order info

Bra-lee comes in a variety of colors and can be purchased in two-packs of a single color ($4.99/ea + S&H) or five-packs ($9.99/ea + S&H) containing one of each color from the selected theme. For a smidge, you may customize your two- or five-pack with the Bra-lee® Builder.

See Shipping and Handling below for current rates.

Sales tax of 8.75% will be collected for orders shipped within CA.

All prices shown in US Dollars.

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Orders will be filled in the order received according to inventory. Unless a particular style is on backorder, Bra-lees ship within two business days of receipt of payment.

Standard orders are shipped via USPS; see below:

1st pack: $1.00
2-4 packs: additional $0.50 each
5-20 packs: $3.00 flat rate

1st pack: $1.50
2-4 packs: additional $0.50 each
5-20 packs: $4.00 flat rate

1st pack: $2.00
2-4 packs: additional $1.00 each
5-20 packs: $6.00 flat rate

Expedited shipping is available on a limited basis; please Contact us for rush orders.

Contact us if you are interested in wholesale/bulk purchases above twenty (20) packs.