The Bra-lee HomeWherever you are when your underwire breaks through, you'd better have a Bra-lee in your bag!






Position Peel Place Press

Position the underwire back into the casing.

Peel off the backing of the Bra-lee to reveal the adhesive layer.

Place the Bra-lee over the hole.

Press firmly to secure the Bra-lee.

How to apply a Bra-lee How to apply a Bra-lee

The Bra-lee should fold over the top of the bra, capping off the underwire casing.

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bottom line:

Once you place a Bra-lee, do not remove it except to replace it with a new Bra-lee. The adhesive is very strong and is effective immediately: it adheres upon contact, and may leave a residue when it is taken off.

The residue might come off with solvent (such as nail polish remover). Test for colorfastness in a discreet area before using nail polish remover on the fabric. Leafe, LLC is not responsible for injury or damage to any article[s] of clothing caused by following this tip. See our Terms and Conditions for details.


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Instructions for specific bra styles:

  • Victoria's Secret
  • Frederick's of Hollywood
  • Wonderbra