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If you've ever felt that jabbing, stabbing, poking, prodding, pinching,
sticking, digging, pain in the boob (literally) from an unruly underwire,
then you know it can't possibly end soon enough.

You also know that it means The End for a beloved bra...

...but it doesn't have to!

the Bra-lee®

The Bra-lee is a portable, affordable solution to underwire that has broken through the casing of your bra. In seconds, the hole is patched and the underwire is contained, breathing new life into your bra and letting you breathe easy as you go on with your day.

The Bra-lee provides a comfortable barrier between you and your suddenly protruding underwire. With a simple peel, place and press, the adhesive backing seals the point of penetration, while a strong, flexible core and several layers of fabric keep the offending underwire from causing further agitation.

It's even a great preventive tool in those agonizing pre-breakthrough moments!

Keep a Bra-lee with you for use anywhere you might experience an uncomfortable moment (so, anywhere!). Order one for your purse, the glove box, the diaper bag, your gym bag, your travel case... and always keep a couple on hand for a friend in need.

Visit our FAQ for detailed instructions on using your Bra-lee to repair your underwire.

Wherever you are when your underwire breaks through, you’d better have a Bra-lee in your bag!

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